• Priscah

Jack has filled our home with laughter and more love

With twelve grown-up children now living out in the world on their own, Mr. and Mrs. Mpoza felt their nest was empty. “Jack has filled our home with laughter and more love once again,” Mrs. Mpoza says as she lovingly embraces Jack, her adopted son, closer to her. She tells us how Jack has changed their lives. “Our home is once again filled with never-ending chatter and laughter.”

One day, the Mpoza’s were at their church and during the service there was a call for people wishing to foster to adopt. “I knew the message was meant for us,” Mrs. Mpoza recalls, “I have always longed in my heart to adopt.”

Echoing his wife’s sentiments Mr. Mpoza nods adding, “We wanted to provide another child with a family.” The couple expressed interest to adopt and after an assessment was carried out by the Child’s i team in Tororo, the couple were approved to adopt by a Government panel. After a couple of months, their wait was over and the Mpoza’s were matched with Jack.

“I had only seen Jack in a black and white photo and I was excited to see him for the first time,” says Mrs. Mpoza with a smile. “When I saw him for the first time, I had to pull myself together not to cry,” she says fondly, “I gave him the biggest of hugs.”

Jack was placed in Smile Africa Ministries orphanage after being left by his parents at birth. This is where he spent the first four years of his life. His family could not be found by the social work team, and Jack was approved for adoption.

“Jack is our answered prayer,” Mrs. Mpoza told us. Jack is soon turning 5 years old and is thriving, surrounded by his new family. As we sat with Mr. and Mrs. Mpoza, we watched as Jack played with his nephew in the living room. It is clear that he has quickly settled in well with his newfound family. “He has brought us happiness, we love him, and he loves us,” Mr. Mpoza adds with a smile.

As Jack goes out to play, his mum watches him go and says with confidence, “He now knows that he has a family.”