• Priscah

Increasing mobility for community volunteers to respond to the Coronavirus pandemic

“Child protection issues require quick response and thanks to this bicycle, I will be able to reach and support more families and children. My work of protecting children is going to get easier,” John, one of our community volunteers, told us.

John is one of the 15 community volunteers that has been provided a bicycle and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as part of The Rocket Foundation and Child’s i partnership in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. The community volunteers will sensitise their communities about the virus, to raise awareness and to help prevent stigma. The additional items will provide mobility and safety as they continue to monitor children and families in partnership with our social work team during this pandemic and country-wide lockdown.

Our social workers have been coordinating hundreds of trained community volunteers that have been on the frontline supporting families and children through this pandemic. Whilst the numbers of Coronavirus in Uganda remain relatively low, due to the government's efforts to stop the spread through an initial ban on all public transport, restricting the movement of private vehicles, and a curfew - these measures have brought the country to a standstill. While some restrictions are being lifted, life is far from any semblance of normal for many. It is projected that the economic impact of this pandemic will cause millions of Ugandans to fall into poverty.

Thanks to our partnership with The Rocket Foundation, the community volunteers will breathe a sigh of relief, as they will now be able to move easily within the community and support families while staying safe.

“We are so grateful for this donation from the Rocket Foundation. This support has come on time. Our frontline workers – the community volunteers - have had challenges while checking on families in their communities due to the lockdown, these bicycles will ease their movement within the community,” Fred Mukholi, our Country Director said during the launch.

In addition to the bicycles, the volunteers also received phones, gloves, hand sanitisers as well as airtime and data to help them reach and support more families.

“I have been walking around my community, training and sensitising children to wash their hands and stay at home,” Salma, one of our community volunteers, told us of how she has been supporting children during the lockdown. “With the bicycle, I will be able to visit more families and ensure that they have everything they need during this lockdown.”

The volunteers will also teach and share guidance and awareness about how communities can stay safe and avoid catching Coronavirus.

Thank you, Rocket Foundation, for making this possible!