We are providing the blueprint for sustainable alternatives to orphanages: truly social services run by and for communities to strengthen families.
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Orphanages are separating families, fracturing communities, and ultimately harming children. Orphanages are standing in the way of a thriving society yet they are still being set-up and run, in spite of the huge cost to children’s wellbeing and Uganda as a whole. We know change is hard and scary. There are too many orphanages and too few alternatives. They can feel necessary, and seem like the ‘obvious’ solution, when families are in need.



We believe that most people ultimately want what’s best for children. We’ve all felt the desire to want to protect children - regular donations to orphanages demonstrate just how many of us do. We believe it is possible to redirect funding and support towards family based care rather than institutional care, knowing that there are more cost-effective alternatives to orphanages that need to be better understood and promoted.

There is a better way.


Child’s i Foundation is providing a blueprint for sustainable alternatives to orphanages: truly social services run by and for communities to strengthen families and support them to raise their children, as well as finding new foster and adoptive families for those who need them. We are highlighting the ways in which orphanages cause harm and prove how unnecessary they are, even those that try their best to provide caring environments. We learned the hard way that there’s no such thing as a good orphanage so we’re uniquely placed to help others reimagine the way they care, repurpose the orphanages that exist and rebuild community approaches to supporting families and children.

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Systemic change through District & Division transformation

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Strengthening the community response and Social Service Workforce

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Influencing change by advocating and changing hearts and minds


From a young age, Salma has always had a desire to help people. Through her community volunteer work, Salma supports families to take care of their children. “I have two daughters who are in their teenage years, I grew up with my grandmother, and I know how hard it can be to grow without a mother so I encourage parents in my community to take care of their children,” Salma tells us.


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Child's i Foundation works in Uganda, situated in East Africa. Right now our work is targeted to specific regions across Uganda's 134 districts. In partnership with the Government, we work in Mpigi and Tororo at district level. In addition to this, we work in Makindye division of Kampala, the capital of Uganda. By including both rural and urban settings, we are providing a holistic blueprint to make sure that eventually, across all districts, no child ever has to spend one night in an orphanage.

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Since 2018, no child has entered into an orphanage in the District of Tororo

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We are a child-focused organisation. It is important to us that children’s rights are protected and their voices are heard. We work with the government, to empower communities to put children first and to create systems and structures that prevent the unnecessary separation of children

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Child's i Foundation supports the Sustainable Development Goals. Overall, our work strongly contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals in particular. Poverty and access to quality education are number one drivers for families placing children in orphanages. By addressing the root cause through our prevention work, we are making sure families and children are supported to stay together.

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Your help, and our work, can make sure that each and every child in Uganda grows up in a safe and loving family.