We create change by reimagining care, rebuilding family support systems, and repurposing orphanages to community hubs so that every child grows up in safe and loving families.

We use our personal experience to help orphanages to repurpose their services to help support children in safe and loving families.

We reduce the need for orphanages by strengthening communities and social workers to support children in families. 

We work with Government, donors, orphanages, and families to imagine a Uganda where every child grows up in a safe and loving family.




Orphanages are damaging to children and we need to change the way we care

We work with the Government of Uganda to implement the Alternative Care Framework and help others embrace family-based care.

We work with partners across the continent to help reimagine an Africa free of orphanages where every child grows up in a safe and loving family.

We work with families and orphanages to show them that children are better off growing up loved and belonging in a family, not an orphanage.


Child's i Foundation is a founding member of Transform Alliance Africa. Transform Alliance Africa is a growing collective of specialist national NGOs working across the continent and is committed to a vision of an Africa, free of orphanages, where all children belong and grow up in safe and loving families. Our Alliance brings together our collective voices, knowledge, practice, passion and experiences where together we are reimagining a better future.


Communities should be strengthened to keep children in families at a grass-root level

By equipping communities with the tools to protect their own children, we are training them to be the first line of defence to ensure each child grows up in a safe and loving family.

An army of passionate social workers and volunteers can make all the difference for children. Volunteers play a vital role in keeping children out of orphanages in their communities.

Whether through empowering families to stay together or placing children who are in orphanages with families - we believe every child deserves to grow up in a safe and loving family.



of children in

orphanages have a living parent.



Using our own journey to help other orphanages transform how they care

In 2010, Child's i Foundation set up a transitional babies’ home in Kampala to prove that children could be placed into families. We trained a social work team and successfully placed children back into families or found new foster and adoptive families through our Ugandans Adopt campaign. But we knew that at the end of the day, it was still an orphanage and not the best place for a child.


In 2015, we piloted a foster care programme with staff from our babies’ home and placed the children in their care until our social workers found loving families and ultimately we were able to close our babies’ home.


Our work has been instrumental in changing Ugandan national policy to prioritise children in families, and now we are using our journey to help others reimagine, rebuild, and repurpose.

Pastor Ruth set up her orphanage, Smile Africa Ministries, with a genuine heart to help children. However, in her own words, she was ignorant of the negative consequences of such care.

Pastor Ruth thought she was doing the best thing for these children until she attended a workshop and listened to a care leaver who had spent his life growing up in an orphanage. He shared his story saying he never felt loved in the orphanage because the staff were paid to look after him. She had a revelation and wanted to change the way she cared.

Pastor Ruth is partnering with Child's i Foundation and Hope and Homes for Children to help place children in her orphanage back into their families and communities and repurpose the orphanage building in to a community hub to support children in families.


For the first time I realised I wasn't doing the best thing that would help these children in their future lives. God knew that I was doing with a clean genuine heart, but with a lot of ignorance.

                                          - Pastor Ruth


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