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COVID-19 Crisis in Uganda

A devastating 3rd wave of COVID-19 hit Uganda. Many schools and businesses have closed, leaving already vulnerable families isolated, struggling to earn an income, and with no education for their children.

Uganda is under a 42-day countrywide lockdown. It is being felt hardest by the most vulnerable: they cannot go to work to earn a living. When there is no welfare state ready to step in, we need you to step in. 

With your help, we are determined to fight. You can protect these communities. You can keep children in loving and safe families, during and after this crisis. 

Without your help, more children will end up in orphanages as a result of this crisis. We know you will not allow that to happen. 

These children are even more likely to be forgotten during and after this crisis, but not by you. Not by us. We know who they are. And together we can keep them safe.


What Child’s i Foundation is doing

Our team in the UK and in Uganda is already working around the clock and has transformed our operations to respond to this crisis. 

Child’s i Foundation’s social workers and volunteers, together with the Government, are on the frontline of the Coronavirus pandemic to make sure that vulnerable children and families are kept safe. 

Our team of trained local volunteers are making sure their communities understand the risk from this virus and know how to protect themselves by giving out life-saving health information. 

With your help, they are providing children and families with food, hygiene and health supplies they need to be able to stay safe and at home.

We are working together with the orphanages to ensure children are not forgotten during and after this pandemic and are safe and healthy.

We desperately need your help to make sure that children and families affected by this crisis are kept safe.


To find out more how we are responding to the pandemic, visit our Coronavirus information page which we update weekly.

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How your support makes a difference to children and families

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£20 could provide life saving public health information in a local language to a family with no or limited access to radio, tv or internet

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£50 could pay for food, nutrition, hygiene and health supplies to a family during the lockdown

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£100 could pay for masks, gloves, a hand sanitiser and a temperature gun for a social worker to make 10 safe visits to vulnerable families

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At Child’s i, we have a vision of a Uganda one day free of orphanages, where every child can grow up safe in a loving family. Our mission is to enable Uganda to fully commit as a nation to curbing the growth of orphanages, repurpose the orphanages that exist and reimagine the way we care for our vulnerable children and young people.

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Please note:

Your donations will go directly to support the children and families we work with through the COVID-19 emergency. If we happen to raise more funds than we need, your support will go towards the work we continue to do - making sure children grow up in loving families, not orphanages.