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©️ 2019 Child's i Foundation. Registered in England and Wales as Child's - I Foundation. Charity Commission Number 1126212. Company number 6674427.


We prevent family breakdown. We make families and communities stronger. We train others to do what we do. We change systems that change lives.


Children come first in everything we do. So we make sure what we’re doing is sustainable, and the difference we make ripples out from families to communities across Uganda. We support families to care for their children, reducing the perceived ‘need’ for orphanages. We help families get financially stable. We don’t make them reliant on us. Instead, we do everything we can to make sure that children can always rely on their families for the love, care and support they need to grow.


95% of all the money we raise goes directly to our social and community workers, to turning orphanages into community hubs whose impact is felt far beyond their walls. Our charity doesn’t fund static buildings, but active people who go out and make change every day with and for children. With your support, every day we can do more.